3MT Construction EIRs

3MT Construction West of Summit on 2007-08-26

In 2006, BNSF applied to the Army Corps of Engineers and the County of San Bernardino for permission to build a third main line from Summit (MP 55.7) to Keenbrook (MP 69.5). The Preliminary EIR was published in November of 2006 and the Final EIR was published in March of 2007. Both of these documents are available below These are fascinating documents with numerous maps and photographs. Section has a discussion of Train Watching as a Land Use in the Cajon Pass. It specifies ten primary train watching sites within the project area. Numerous letters in Appendix C of the Final EIR address the subject of train watching and the need for continued access to these locations. The Response to Comments Matrix in Appendix C9 addresses these issues and assures the respondants that the primary access routes will remain open during and after construction. These named routes are:

Here are the Preliminary and Final Environmental Impact Reports for construction of the third main track: