Primary BNSF communications in the Pass are provided by the Cajon Subdivision Dispatcher who uses the BNSF Road 3 frequency for operations and the BNSF PBX 4 frequency for other purposes. UP communications (on the UP tracks) are provided by Dispatcher 54 who uses Road 2 for operations and PBX 2 for other purposes.

Use Name Frequency AAR Code
BNSF Cajon Sub Dispatcher BNSF Road 3 161.190 7272
BNSF PBX BNSF PBX 4 160.335 1515
SP (UP) Dispatcher 54 SP (UP) Road 2 160.320 1414
SP (UP) PBX SP (UP) PBX 2 160.890 5252

The Association of American Railroads (AAR) has developed a frequency assignment plan that divides the spectrum from 160.215 through 161.565 into a number of channels at 15 khz intervals.

In the US, channels are numbered from 07 through 97. An AAR communications link is designated by two channel numbers -- the first for transmit and second for receive. Most links transmit and receive on the same frequency, so most AAR designations look like 7272, which is the AAR designation for transmitting and receiving on 161.190 (the BNSF Cajon Sub Dispatcher).