Reference Sources

Many books and articles have been published about the Cajon Pass. Here are a few of the most important.


I just think the books, periodicals and articles described in this section are important reference information for anyone interested in the Cajon Pass. Unless stated otherwise, I have no financial interest in any of these publications or their publishers.

Altamont Press California Region Timetable

If you railfan in Southern California, you should have a copy of this publication. It is issued annually, around March or April, and is currently at Number 20. Short of the employee timetables for each of the companies involved, you cannot find better information about stations, frequencies, rosters, etc. In addition to standard timetable information, it includes color route maps and color displays of signal aspects and indications. I was fortunate to discover it when it was first published and I have copies of all 20 issues. See Altamont Press for details.

Railroading Through Cajon Pass by Chard L. Walker

Summit epitomises Cajon Pass railroading and Chard Walker epitomises Summit. Chard's original, definitive book on the pass is Railroading Through Cajon Pass, Prototype Modeler, Inc., Danvers, MA, 1978. The book has been long out of print but you can usually find copies available at the major used book sellers.

Chard Walker's Cajon: Rail Passage to the Pacific

In 1985, Trans-Anglo Books, Glendale CA, published Chard Walker's Cajon: Rail Passage to the Pacific, ISBN 0-87046-072-2. It is a definitive history of railroading in the pass from the beginning to operation in 1985.

On October 15, 1995, I was fortunate to be at Summit during one of Chard's rare visits and he was kind enough to autograph my copy of this book. As we talked, he described Summit as he had known it and said that he and Margaret called the current Summit "New Summit" to distinguish it from the Summit they knew and loved. Only a few months later, following the disaterous runaway of February 1996, "New" Summit became even "newer" as it was locked down, secured, fenced, lighted and no longer accessible to railfans.

Chard Walker's Cajon: A Pictorial Album

Published in 1990 by Trans-Anglo Books, Glendale CA, ISBN 0-87046-095-1, this book supplements Chard Walker's Cajon: Rail Passage to the Pacific by providing numerous photographs from San Bernardino to Victorville.