Summit Station Sign Looking West 1985-05-05

The BNSF portion of the Cajon Pass consists of the Cajon Subdivision of the Southern California Division. In 1887, the same territory was known as the San Bernardino Division of the California Southern Rail Road Company and for many years as the First District of the Los Angeles Division of the Atchison, Topeka and Sante Fe Railway Co.

The Cajon Subdivision extends 81.4 miles from Barstow on the East end to San Bernardino on the West end. Mileposts begin with MP 0 at Barstow.

The North Track (Main One) is 2 miles longer than the original South Track (Main Two). The equation is MP 64.8X = MP 62.8.

MP Station
0.0 Barstow
0.9 East D Yard
2.7 West D Yard
3.4 Valley Junction
4.3 West R Yard
6.7 Lenwood
13.6 Hodge
21.1 Helendale
29.4 East Oro Grande
31.5 Oro Grande
34.6 East Victorville
36.7 Victorville
38.0 Frost
41.1 Thorn
45.1 Hesperia
50.1 Lugo
52.8 Martinez
54.2 Martinez Spur
55.9 Summit
56.6 Silverwood
59.0x Alray
59.3x Walker
62.8 Cajon
67.3 Old Keenbrook
69.4 Keenbrook
71.0 Devore
73.9 Verdemont
75.0 Ono
79.9 Baseline
80.6 Seventh Street
81.4 San Bernardino