Notes for 2013

All of 2001 is Now Loaded


All 12 shooting days in 2001 are now up:

All of 1991 is Now Loaded


All 13 shooting days in 1991 are now up:

Quick Visit to the Pass on the 4th of July


I took a quick trip (only about an hour) to the Pass this morning. I mostly just drove, but I saw several trains. I photagrpahed three, at Swarthout, Dike and Verdemont. They included a westbound UP with a really beat up SP unit in the helper set and a string of light power eastbound at Dike that included the 2001 Olympic Flame Relay unit.

All of 1990 is Now Loaded


All 17 shooting days in 1990 are now up:

Friday, 2013-05-24, in the Pass


I spent some time in the Pass on May 24 -- 18 trains in 4 hours. Most of my time, and all my photography, was at MP 65 and at Cajon Station:

1989-07-30 - 1989-11-19 Loaded


The rest of 1989 is now up:

1989-05-07 Loaded


I just loaded

1989-03-19 - 1989-05-06 Loaded


I just loaded

1989-03-18 Loaded


I just loaded

1989-02-12 Loaded


I just loaded

1989-01-29 Loaded


I just loaded

New Scans Loaded for 1989


The site currently has a five days of 1989 shooting out of a total of 27 days. I've had the remaining days scanned and am now starting the task of cataloging and selecting the content. Today, I added