Notes for 2014

Wednesday, 2014-10-29, at Cajon Station, Summit and Summit's East End


I spent a few hours in the Pass with my friend, Henry Evans, from England showing him a little bit of Western railroading:

All of 1994 is Now Loaded


All ten shooting days in 1994 are now up:

The 23 shooting days of 1995 have been scanned and will be up as soon as I can edit them.

Sunday, 2014-09-01 (Labor Day), near Cajon Station and at Blue Cut


I spent a quick hour on Labor Day morning West of Cajon Station and at Blue Cut:

Saturday, 2014-08-30, at Cajon Station


Another slow couple of hours at Cajon Station:

Using my FujiFilm X-E2 with a new lens (18-135mm / ~28-200mm 35mm equivalent)

Saturday, 2014-08-02, at Cajon Station


A very slow morning at Cajon Station:

Still using my FujiFilm X-E2. All of these are with the 18-55mm lens (~28-70mm 35mm equivalent) which is very small and light and very sharp.

All of 1993 is Now Loaded


All 16 shooting days in 1993 are now up:

Saturday, 2014-05-31, at MP 58X


Between 0930 and 1130, there were seven trains at MP 58 and 58X on all three BNSF tracks and on the UP track (MP 466):

The Parker Ranch Road, from Hwy 138 to MP 58, is in the worst shape that I've seen in years. It's heavily washboarded and has numerous gullies from the 13 inches of rain the area received this past fall and winter. The same is true of the short stretch from MP 58 to 58X.

Friday, 2014-05-30, at Cajon Station


Another couple of hours playing with my new Fujifilm X-E2.

I'm having a hard time deciding if I really like the camera. Its size, weight and ease of use are great; its quirky focusing and metering results and its EVF that isn't very usable in bright sunlight, not so much.

At least I haven't gone back to my Nikons, yet :-)

Monday, 2014-05-26 (Memorial Day), at Cajon Station


Sometimes a holiday has almost no traffic; sometimes, there is a lot. For a few hours in the morning today, it wasn't bad:

Saturday, 2014-05-17, at Cajon Station


I just bought a Fujifilm X-E2 and had a few hours to try it in the Pass this morning. Traffic was fairly light, but enough to give the camera a bit of a workout.

The camera is very nice and is certainly a lot lighter than my D4 or D7000. More about the camera later.

Saturday, 2014-04-19, at Cajon Station, MP 58 and Blue Cut


I spent about three hours in the Pass this morning. There was a fair amount of traffic for the Saturday before Easter.

Friday, 2014-03-28, at Cajon Station and the East End of Summit


I spent about three hours in the Pass today. Traffic was very light and there was track work at Cajon Station which sometimes held what little traffic existed.

All of 2003 is Now Loaded


All 6 shooting days in 2003 are now up:

Monday, 2014-02-17, at Cajon Station


I spent a couple of hours at Cajon Station today. It was the Presidents Day holiday so traffic was light.

All of 1992 is Now Loaded


All 20 shooting days in 1992 are now up:

Fixed Broken Link to Devore Weather


CDEC made a chage in URL format and broke the link to Devore weather. It is now corrected: