Notes for 2015

A Few Minutes at the Swarthout Canyon Grade Crossing


I had a few minutes to spend there this morning and caught one train:

All of 1998 is Now Loaded


All 10 days of 1998 are now up:

All of 1997 is Now Loaded


All 8 days of 1997 are now up:

Independence Day at Cajon Station


I spent a couple of hours this morning at Cajon Station caught six trains. Not bad for a holiday!

All of 1996 is Now Loaded


All 9 days of 1996 are now up:

A Saturday Afternoon Hour Around Cajon Station


Around 1500 (PDT) this afternoon I ran out to the area of Cajon Station for about an hour. (There has to be some advantage to living 20 minutes away from the Swarthout Canyon Grade Crossing). Five trains in an hour -- not too bad.

All of 1995 is Now Loaded


All 23 days of 1995 are now up: