Notes for 2016

Labor Day in the Pass After the Blue Cut Fire


The Blue Cut Fire started at about 1036 Pacific Time (1736 UTC) on Tuesday, August 16. It apparently started on the freeway side of Cajon Blvd approximately at Blue Cut. The fire quickly jumped the freeway on one side and Cajon Blvd on the other. It then jumped Cajon Creek and the BNSF tracks and began burning to Swarthout Canyon and beyond.

By the time the fire was 100% contained, it had grown to 36,274 acres. 105 single family residences and 216 outbuildings were destroyed. The UP railroad bridge that crosses Baldy Mesa Road just north of Alray was badly damaged and was out of service.

The fire along the tracks burned all the way to Summit but appears to have stopped there. The east end of Summit shows no fire signs at all.

I spent a few hours on Labor Day (9/5) in the Pass. The results are here

A Friday in the Pass with Friends from the UK


I spent a few hours in the Pass with friends from the UK. There was not a lot of traffic but we all had a great time.

A Slow Saturday Morning in the Pass


Only three trains in two hours this morning:

Saturday of the Independence Day Weekend in the Pass


I spent a couple of hours at Cajon Station this morning. There were 8 trains in 2 hours which is not bad for the start of a long weekend.

The photos are at

A Wednesday Morning in the Pass


I played hookie today and spent a couple of hours in the pass trying out my new Fujifilm X-Pro2 camera. Wednesdays seem to be good days -- I saw 12 trains in two hours on all four tracks (BNSF 3; UP 1). I shot at Cajon Station, the UP tracks above Swarthout (UP MP 474) and Blue Cut.

The results are at

The Year 2000 is Up


The year 2000 is up at

Presidents Day Morning in the Pass


I spent a couple of hours in the pass this morning. There was a reasonable amount of traffic (7 trains in 2 hours) and active maintenance of way in the Blue Cut area which slowed things down and stacked trains up.

As an experiment, I shot only with my iPhone 6.


Defined a number of virtual galleries which are based on subject matter rather than on dates:

All of 1999 is Now Loaded


All 14 days of 1999 are now up: