BNSF 5356 W at Swarthout Canyon Grade Crossing on 2009-01-18

Since I first started shooting in the Cajon Pass in 1983, I have spent about 300 days there and have produced around 14,000 35-mm slides and 6,000 digital images.

Photo Gallery

A growing collection of my Cajon Pass photos may be found online here.


Times on this site are generally given in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) which is sometimes called Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or Zulu Time. The Cajon Pass is 8 hours West of (earlier than) UTC during Standard Time and 7 hours West of UTC during Daylight Savings Time (Summer Time). I have arbitrarily chosen 0000 as the time for scanned slides.

Construction Photos

July, 2007, through November, 2008, was spent building a third main track (3MT) from Keenbrook to Summit. My collection contains a number of photos of this construction, but Werner Meer has developed the definitive web site consisting of of 3MT construction photos. Visit it at

Shooting Log

A detailed log of my shooting sessions may be found here. Days highlighted in yellow (if any) are currently being edited and should be in the gallery soon.